Where Days Are Blue

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This is sort of a teaser for a card game I’ve designed around the Godmode AU.  The character art is done by their original owners and used with their permission and discussed with them.   The card design and Logo was designed by myself.  

   When I’ve completed most of the card designs I’ve already planned out, (mostly involving the gods shown here,+ a couple) I will release them in a printable format (arranged so that if you have a double sided printer, you can print it out without having  to do anything to the files. ) And then Request for more people to submit their gods and arrange out their cards accordingly.

Rules: (still in prototyping stages)

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    When i do get around to making more cards/ writting out the information for new cards, I’ll probably put up another...
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    This is glorious- We’re going to find a way to play through the internet, I know we are.
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    OH MY WORD THIS IS SO COOL what do I have to pay to have one made of mine 8I But seriously this looks fun. ^^ Awesome...
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