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WOD Tutorial: Jo Roll Recap

Just finished my first Wod Tutorial with Jo.  It was amazing from start to end.  Thanks Shelfy & Gail XD

Succsess: 65

Failures: 5

  • 1x: I am out of breath GG
  • 1x I DIDN”T UNDO MY SEAT BELT (4x lethal)
  • 1x I totally am good at convincing people to run about with flares.
    Critical success

Critical Success:
13 +   1 NPC Crit success (11. Wtf, Aiko cleaned out a crowd of citizens)

  • 1x Axe throw into the neck of a Demon king (7)
  • 1x Awesome park-our moment (6)
  • 1x Skittle throw (5)
  • 1x Flashlight throw as a distraction, broke a  window, and set off a fire alarm(6)
  • 1x Convincing a town to overthrow their Demon Overlord (5)
  • 6 or so perception checks. 
  • 2x Other Misc

Critical Failure:1  (Curiosity killed the cat, and broke the room)

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THIS IS WHAT I DID DURING WORK PLANNING TIME WHEN I MISSED SAARA’S TUTORIAL. Apparently Saara lost the backpack in the tutorial but I haven’t got there yet. Oops.

I started drawing Yuusuke’s but like halfway through I was like “if I don’t do some kind of shounen anime reference this is wasted potential” so now I wanna try a new one (also I c-c-couldn’t draw Yuusuke’s hair properly, even though it’s not as bad as my Yuusuke’s hair…)

… WE HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED YET (only Saara and Mako have started,haha). I’m just going off what I know about everyone so far and the fact that Jimmy wants to be friends with everyone, haha.

I thought it was funny because he has a major thing in common with some of them (Saara: they’re both really short, Yuusuke: BURNING SHOUNEN SOUL AND LOVE OF FOOD, Richter: I MISS MY MOM)(not Mako but he wants to be her BFF anyway).

We have enough people for a Five Man Band with a Sixth Ranger, with is RAD.

I want to iiiiink these and then color them once I finish Yuusuke’s! And maybe Emma’s and Amir’s. And do updated ones as all the tutorials happen, good, draw Miz, draw, haha…

Can’t freaking waaaaaaaait for our tutes Mizz :D

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Hahaha fuck this took way too long and it’s almost 3 am*laughs* But you were late with your bday prezzie for me Andri, I can be late with mine right? RIGHT??*mauled*

Anyways, this was a great chance to play around with The Marauder King’s minions. I think after that one incident at the shrine, Guardian and the shrine keepers had always wanted to pay back the Marauder King in some way. So why not take up the challenge of feeding a whole army? CHALLENGE ACCEPT. Thank goodness both gods have enough followers who were up for helping out with the shrine’s little project XD

Goddamn I suck at armor and I’m pretty fucking sure I fucked up on some of the designs but I really had fun putting them boys into action! If tumblr didn’t have a 10 pic post limit I’d gone further haha(Sky no) I really love your characters Andri, may probably mess around with them whenever I get the chance! ;D

Anyways, while I can’t say this is best quality, I do hope you like it bro! Happy I-think-maybe-late-a-month-now Birthday!! (I’ll give you the files later if you want, tumblr makes the pages hard to see hrghhhh)

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Guess I’ll introduce you guys to Jo, the girl I’ll be using if I get into any WoD:Cardian’s group. 

Jo is a tomboy who was apart of the boy’s scouts, before running away from home. Relatively fond of throwing things and eating sugary foods, she treks across the country, looking for somewhere to call home.
Kinda compiled all the World of darkness sketches/drawings of Jo + characters/other peoples characters.  There were some of the other people who came to the South pacific greet and meet.  Hopefully didn’t mess anyone up

Other characters:
Saara~ Siltae
Yuuske~ Sky
Richter~ Alberloze
Fiona ~ mirff
Emil ~ Val

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